Wednesday, 24 December 2014 jeans?!

One thing that I love about having a goddaughter is that I can do special things just for her without feeling guilty for not doing the same for everyone else. So at Christmas time, along with a gift from my husband and I, I like to have a little something from me to her. And as far as I am concerned, homemade gifts are the most special. So this year I decided to make her a little cat stuffed toy. Wearing jeans. Oh my goodness, the cuteness!

I started out drawing a pattern that I liked. It took a couple drafts and a lot of erasing before I was happy with the look of the face. 
Face on the left was rejected, face on the right was approved
Then I set to work picking fabric. I had some scraps of a grey flannel with fun little light grey circles that I thought would serve well as the face, tail, and legs. I used white flannel to make the white patch on her face, and her arms. I am absolutely in love with Violet Craft's Brambleberry Ridge line, so I used the purple plaid for her shirt. A pair of old jeans of mine became new jeans for the kitty, complete with back pocket! 
Look at that little butt!
I put together the face using felt for the ears and nose, and embroidered the eyes, mouth, and whiskers. Looks pretty good! 
Pretty cute!
One thing that I am terrible at when it comes to making stuffed toys is taking the seam allowance into consideration when laying out the face. I think this cat above looks so cute.... Then I sew it all together, and I think it loses something. 
A little bit alien looking.....
I think I need to leave a larger seam allowance to accommodate the design better. Oh well, I still think she is cute, just different from what I pictured the final result would be. 
Front view
Back view - I love the tail!
And of course, the obligatory staged photos. Here, the kitty is helping me make cranberry sauce for Christmas dinner. Cats love cranberries. Now let's hope that Briar Rose loves her cat!
Such a helpful little kitty
Annyong likes her!

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