Thursday, 11 February 2016

The Homemade Nursery: the Essential Antlers

As you may remember from my post about my Nurture Hope quilt, I am quite fortunate to be pregnant.  My husband and I had been holding off on doing much in terms of preparation for the baby until we took holidays back in November.  Then we got started and have been plugging away every since.  I'm going to share individual projects we embarked on over the past few months, and then a final blog post with the big reveal of the whole room. 

The Homemade Nursery: the Essential Antlers

I wanted to create a gallery wall with a mixture of art and other structures in the baby's room.  One thing I wanted to include on the gallery wall was a set of antlers.  Little did I know (what a city girl), antlers are huge!!  

My husband had a set of mounted antlers in his room as a child, and they since moved into his parent's garage.  They are a pretty impressive set (to my eyes, anyway), but they were a little dated looking, because of the red velvet setting they rested on.  They needed an update.
I took all the screws out of the back of the plaque in order to remove the mount and the antlers. The velvet was held in place with staples, so I carefully pulled each one in order to remove the fabric from the mount.  Once that was off, I used it as a pattern for the replacement fabric.  I wanted to find something with a knit texture, preferably with a fair isle pattern..... and I stumbled on the perfect thing in the sock aisle at Superstore!  It took a little cutting and creative sewing to turn the two socks into one piece of usable fabric, but it was worth it.  After cutting it to size, it easily stretched back over the antler mount, and I stapled it into place the same way as the velvet had been.  I reattached the mount to the plaque, and it was ready to hang on the wall!  
I decided to re-evaluate the plan to include it in the gallery wall due to the sheer size of the things.  So it took a featured place over the bookshelves instead. 
In situ: among excellent book company
 I was given a little grief about including antlers in a nursery, but I think it works really well!

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