Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Feelin' Good on a Wednesday: Cables

I changed my mind about taking some knitting with me on our trip to Hawaii. I'm just not sure I can go the two weeks without some needle work! My current project is my husband's Game of Thrones blanket. I am in the midst (still) of the wolf panels, but these are far too big to take on a plane. I'm not kidding, there are four balls of yarn on the go for these!
Way too much for carry on-this would not fit under the seat!

So I decided to start on the cable panels, because these will use just one colour of yarn, and I will knit from both ends of the ball for the two panels, instead of having two separate balls. I want the cables to be chunky and manly to go with the direwolves and "Winter is Coming."

This is my short list of contenders:
The winner is...... The horseshoe cables! I like the chunkiness, I feel like the braids and the celtic cables look too delicate.  The twist I thought was a little boring. The horseshoes just feel right!

I started on the panels to make sure I like them in action, and also that my husband was okay with them. When I showed him the cables and asked if they made him feel manly, he grunted. That's man for yes. 
Gotta love these delicious cables!

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