Monday, 16 February 2015

Welcome little Ladybug!

My BFF is having a baby soon, which calls for a baby shower! Myself and another friend hosted this past Sunday, and it was such a lovely party. The mom-to-be received so many beautiful and useful presents, and everyone enjoyed some food and treats.

We decided on a ladybug theme, inspired by a cute ladybug cake I saw on Pinterest and was looking for an excuse to make. I designed and printed these invitations to send out to the invited guests. 

We stuck with the ladybug theme in our decor as well, using red and black streamers, balloons, tissue paper pompoms, and fans. We also had some banners and mobile hangers with ladybugs on them. I found these tiny wooden ladybug stickers at Michael's, so obviously I had to buy them, and we stuck them all over the place. So cute.

My co hosting friend made a diaper cake and a stroller out of blankets and bibs with ladybug accent ribbon. They turned out great! 

I crocheted a ladybug corsage for the guest of honour to wear using this pattern from one of my fave blogs, Repeat Crafter Me

We made a delicious apple punch in my mom's fabulous punch dispenser, and had coffee and soda available as well. For food, we had tiny sandwiches, stuffed mushrooms, mini caprese skewers, fancy cheese and crackers, taco dip, veggie and fruit trays, a plate of mixed cookies, and ladybug/baby girl themed sugar cookies from a local bakery. These cookies were also our take home favours. 

After eating and opening gifts, the guest of honour cut into the adorable ladybug cake. I made my favourite four egg yellow cake, filled with strawberry sauce, and iced with a quick vanilla icing. Then I used Wilton fondant to cover and decorate the cake.

I usually make my own marshmallow fondant when I make a fondant cake, and it is usually a little terrible. I find it difficult to work with, and you need to use so much icing sugar to roll it out, otherwise it turns into a big sticky mess. Also, it is so hard to tint a nice rich red or black, and it is so very sweet to eat. Like, teeth hurting sweet. 

So when I saw this stuff in black and red at Michael's, I figured I would give it a try. It couldn't be worse than the marshmallow stuff! And oh my goodness, it is a million times better. It was a dream to roll out, like rolling silk! It is so smooth, and the colour is so rich, and it even tastes good! And the best part? No icing sugar required at all!! I am officially a convert. I'm not sure I will ever use the marshmallow stuff again. Usually when I make a fondant cake, there is just a constant flow of swearing coming from the kitchen. My husband isn't convinced that I like making cakes, because it sure sounds like I hate every minute of it! But this time, he thought I hadn't even started yet because I was being so quiet! Amazing stuff, my sanity loves it. 

I gave the butterfly rag quilt to my BFF for her baby. The butterfly fabric is so perfect for her, and who doesn't like that cozy minky? I made a little label (which I had a heck of a time addressing, as I don't know baby's name yet), and hand stitched it on the back of the quilt. Then I folded it all up and tied it with a ribbon and a button. 

So after such a lovely party, momma has everything she needs for her new little gal. I can't wait to meet her!

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