Sunday, 1 February 2015

Black Adam likes to eat cake!

My nephew loves Black Adam, a rather obscure super villain from the DC universe. And he recently turned 3, which means Birthday Party Time!
Of course he wanted a superhero themed party, and what better cake to fit the theme than Black Adam? I had seen this version on Pinterest, and I thought it could easily be adapted to look like Black Adam. 
The inspiration
The realization
I've never been able to successfully make black icing, which I thought may have been a real wrench in my plans. But up until now, I've always started with a white icing. Tip: start with chocolate icing! It takes much less food colouring to get to black when you start with dark brown! 

I made a buttercream cake with a chocolate/butter "quick" icing (which took me an hour!), and a vanilla quick icing to tint for the face and yellow accents. The party was expecting around 40 people, so I used two 9x13, double layer cakes to construct the body, arms and head. 

The cake was a hit! My nephew loved it, and one of the young party-goers couldn't stop calling it awesome. Compliments from small children are the best! 
That's his Black Adam face