Thursday, 2 April 2015

Just keep zipping: another pouch and a free pattern

After loving my last zippy bag, I realized I should probably make one for myself. I need a pouch to keep my knitting/crochet notions in to replace the ziploc bag currently in use. I've said it before, and I'm sure I'll say it again, but isn't it funny how us crafty people make nice things for others, but neglect ourselves?
Nice and big for all my knitting needs
I decided to treat myself. I wanted to feature a Tula Pink raccoon on one side, but I couldn't find a pattern that worked to keep the whole animal intact (who wants to cut off a raccoon's tail?!). So I made one! This was my first attempt to design a foundation paper pieced pattern, and after lots of false starts, and some drawing in the steam on the shower door, I figured out what I wanted to do. 
I love that little face!
Then I chose fabrics that coordinated, and set to work sewing. When I finished, I was so proud that it worked!
It's perfect!
With the front side done, it was time to think about the other side. I was thinking originally to do another postcard, but this bag is larger, so the stamps looked dwarfed on the page. I decided instead to use a print from the Brambleberry Ridge line, paired with a cream solid on which to do some embroidery. I embroidered my name, and appliqu├ęd a little Lizzy House cat. 
It has my name on it.... I guess I get to keep it!
Then: I installed the zipper, but forget to top stitch over the zipper.  I sewed up the outside shell and liner before realizing I had missed a step.  I debated just running with it, but I really think that top stitch is the difference between a professional final product and an amateur final project.  So I had to rip stitches (and fabric-oops!), repair fabric holes, top stitch over zipper, re-sew up outside shell and liner, turn right side out, stitch closed hole, and then... Voila! Done!

This couldn't have come together better
And of course, when in doubt, put a bird on it!
An adorable zipper pull
I've very happy with this bag, and just keep petting it. The little details just make it so special to me. 
Hand embroidered name
Applique cat (my favourite!)

Look at that precision!
If you like the pattern for the raccoon side, good news! I am sharing it with you! Click here for a printable template with dimensions. If you use the pattern, please tag me in a picture on Instagram (@_LT_Smash), comment below, or direct me to your blog! Id love to see what you make with it!

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