Thursday, 29 January 2015

#15cookiesin2015 : Intro, and part 1 + 2

I just realized that, while I meant to blog about my intentions for 2015, I never did!  My last post of 2014 kind of touched base on some of my other broader intentions for 2015, but I do want to mention my "task" intention for the year.

This year, I would like to bake more cookies.  I really enjoy baking, and I really enjoy cookies, so it seemed like the perfect project to take on this year.  Especially with last year being so limiting in what I was able to comfortably eat, I feel like I earned a year of cookies!!

I was a little wishy-washy about how many batches would be my goal.  At first I was thinking a batch a week, but I didn't want to gain a hundred pounds.  Then I was thinking to do every other week, but even that seemed like quite a large amount of cookies.  But one per month didn't seem like enough!  So I settled on 15 batches for 2015, because I like the ring of it! However, I am welcome to make more and exceed my goal, of course!

I have the Martha Stewart Cookies book, which is one of my go-to's for recipes.
I have already made 2 batches of cookies from this book.  The first was Chewy Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies, which were so delicious and amazing.  I kind of want to make 15 batches of these!
The second was Orange-Cardamom Madeleines.  But, lacking a Madeleine pan, I used a bunny pan, and a cupcake pan.  

These I was a little disappointed in, mostly due to the fact that Martha and I must have differing definitions of what comprises a cookie.  These are most definitely little cakes.  They were tasty, but not a cookie.  I am still debating if I count this as part of my intention.  I guess we shall see how many I am at come December!

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