Wednesday, 13 May 2015

2015 Project of the Year: May update

This La Passacaglia quilt is certainly a very slow task. It very well may turn into a 5 year project! Since starting in January, I have managed to complete my first rosette, start a second with some cotton and steel lions, and made good progress on a Charley Harper themed large rosette. I still have two more rounds to go on the big one before it is complete.
A stack of beauties!
It is quite easy to start a rosette. The centre star and the first ring of pentagons goes quickly and is lots of fun. Then that first row of stars hits, and they are small and a little tedious, and definitely time consuming. And as it gets bigger, the more pieces it takes to complete the round!
This part is easy (and fairly quick)
This becomes much more time consuming!
Thankfully, I am not going for speed with this quilt. I am truly enjoying the process. I love interacting with and choosing the fabrics for each round, and fussy cutting each piece. I love seeing how each cog evolves from the starting idea. And I love handsewing each tiny piece. This is a project that, even if it takes me ten years to complete, will be a beautiful keepsake full of memories and deep connections with the fabrics, the events in my life that coincide with each rosette, and the quilting community on Instagram that has been so supportive and loving along the way.  
In total: 3(ish)!

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