Tuesday, 20 January 2015

I need a needle book

I need a needle book. This is what holds my needles now:
A worn out piece of paper with more holes in it than a golf course
It's time to treat myself to something better. 

I have been itching to cut into my August collection that my husband got me for Christmas (is he not the best?!), so I figured who better to do that for than me! I went with an improv feel for this. I didn't have a plan in mind at all, besides that I wanted a lion and antelope featured. The rest just flowed. It feels good to be creative! 
Open book
I did some straight line quilting every quarter inch on the outside only. I didn't feel like doing any binding, so I sewed the lining to the outer panel with the right sides together, leaving a gap to turn it right side out. Then I top stitched around the outer edge to tack it all down after righting it. Worked like a charm! 

I attached two pieces of felt to the inside with a straight stitch down the centre of the book. This makes the pages. 
Inside view
And I attached snaps using my snap pliers. I only had white snaps, and I thought it looked a little stark on the outside. Then I had the genius idea to paint the snap with a little nail polish! A dark navy fit the fabrics perfectly. 
I used After School Boy Blazer from Essie
Needle book.... I love you.

What a fun little project! And how great that I get to admire August every time I need to use a needle. Sometimes, one just needs to do a little selfish sewing! 

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