Sunday, 18 January 2015

Weathering Winnipeg Winters

I live in Winnipeg, which has the most ridiculous weather. We have a swing of 100 degrees Celsius from our coldest winter days to our hottest summer days. It's hard to handle, honestly. I find there are only a couple months of the year that are actually pleasant to spend outside. 
At least the sunsets are nice
Presently, we are enduring winter. Maybe I have a terrible memory for pain, because I am always so sure that the winter I am currently in the midst of is the worst I've ever seen. I seriously hate the cold. I really wish hibernation was an option for humans. But since it isn't, I do what I gotta do, which is bundle up crazy well with lots of layers. 

I have been aching (in the face area specifically) for something to keep my nose and cheeks warm. I have a big chunky scarf, but I find it just isn't tight enough around my face to keep it protected the way I'd like. When I came into some beautiful hand-dyed 100% wool yarn from my mother-in-law, I knew just what to do with it. It was a small skein, so I needed a small project, and the face warmer was it! 
I heart this wool!
I cast on 64 stitches, joined in a circle using size 8 circular needles, and went to town with a knit2 purl2 rib for 10 rows. After that, I switched to stockinette stitch until I felt like I was getting close to the end of the yarn. I switched back to the ribbing, and continued until I had just enough yarn to cast off. A note about cast on choice: I used a long tail cast on, because it gives me good stretch, which I need to be able to pull this over my head. I was aiming to have the top and bottom the same, but the last set of ribbing is longer than the first set. This serendipitously worked out perfect, because it gives me a perfect amount of stretch and flare to cover my neck. Couldn't have asked for better considering I was just winging it!
This will definitely keep me toasty!
Face warmer in it's natural habitat
 And the best part is, I used up almost all the yarn. Just a tiny tail of left over! 
Waste not, want not
This face warmer will make winter just a little more bearable for me. Now, to find some ski-pants..... 

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