Thursday, 29 January 2015

Mini quilt mania pt. 2 (in which I receive an amazing gift!)

I've written before about participating in the Schnitzel and Boo Mini Quilt Swap (here and here). And today, I got my package in the mail from my partner! And her name is Laura too!
So exciting!  And in pretty good shape considering it was opened and inspected by customs!
I was so excited to open it, I rushed through putting away the groceries so I could dig right in. I am so glad it arrived on a day I had off of work, because I was able to really take my time opening and enjoying and appreciating all the love and care that went into this package. 

First off, the quilt. 
The front
That's right, it's a cat quilt! I seriously love cats so much. This is perfect. And the colours are so beautiful, and I love quilts that have bright patches of colour on a white background. It looks so clean, and it really makes the fabrics pop. 
And the quilting is so perfect, just look at the cute little face! The quilting echoes out from this cat through the rest of the quilt, and it looks amazing. 
The back
Then the back has the nice stripey print and a label in the shape of a cat! I love how it echoes the front so nicely. 
The label
I love this quilt. I feel like this is already one of my treasured possessions, and I have had it for less than an hour! It is going to fit in so well in my sewing room. And lucky partner that I am, Laura also sent me a bunch of special-for-me treats! 
So generous and tailored perfectly to my tastes!
She made me a mugrug from some Tula fabric, and put together a little mini charm pack from all the fabrics she used to make the quilt. Since I love knitting, she sent some stitch markers that are like little rainbow balls of yarn (so cute). She sent washi tape as well, which I am actually super stoked about, because I have never owned any before, and it is so much cuter than boring old masking tape. For a tasty treat, she included some cookie butter, which is like peanut butter, but made of cookies. And the best part of all, she passed along a recipe for her family's favourite cookies to include in my #15cookiesin2015 intention. Trust me, those are definitely up next!! 

So hands down, I can most definitely say I love my package, and that this swap was a roaring success! I had so much fun making for my partner Laurie, and I feel so special that my partner Laura took the time to get to know me so well and put together such an amazing gift for me. 

Thank you to Schnitzel and Boo for hosting, and thank you to my fabulous partners for being such great participators! I can't wait till the next one! 

And speaking of which, I have signed up for two more Instagram swaps happening soon. One is Charley Harper themed (so obviously I would participate in that!), and the other is Cotton and Steel themed, which gave me the perfect excuse to finally sign up for the Pink Castle Cotton and Steel Monthly Club. So I can't wait to get my first package from them and get started on these new swaps!

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