Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The Alphabetical Laura: Animals

I have always been a huge fan of animals. I was the kid who found a stray cat at the park and convinced it to follow me home. Then it lived under our deck, getting bigger and bigger with kittens until my mom felt sorry for it and finally brought it in the house.

I remember going camping as a child and trying to lure chipmunks out of the bushes with sunflower seeds. They would peek their little heads out and grab the seeds, getting a little closer every time. I got greedy and wanted to get super close to them, so I tried to get them to take the seeds right from my hand. I ended up getting bit. 

I begged and begged for a dog, and we finally got one when I was in second grade. I took him to school for show-and-tell, where one of my classmates asked my mom "if he's a boy dog, then why does he have nipples?" Rusty was a great dog; except when he was jumping on the table to steal a Mars bar, or lick up all the butter. 
My first dog, Rusty
My love for animals has shaped my life in many ways. I am employed in a vet clinic as a Registered Animal Health Technologist. I always say "it's kinda like the nurse in the vet world" when asked what the heck that means. But truly, I do so much more. 
Me, performing dentistry on a knitted cat
Yes, I do practice good nursing every day. I place catheters, and comfort pets, keep them clean and comfortable, feed and bathe them, give them TLC when they need it most. But I also draw blood, take X-rays, and run lab tests, like blood counts and chemistries, urinalysis, fecal analysis, cytologies, and parasite screens. I perform blood transfusions and chemotherapy, assist in surgery, perform dental cleanings and administer and monitor anesthesia. I discuss nutrition, dental care, grooming, training, and post-surgical care with clients every day, and I teach training consults with clients whose pets need specialized care, such as diabetic pets. I ensure that our hospital is clean, organized, well stocked with medications and supplies, and providing excellent care to every patient. I help new puppy and kitten owners welcome their new family member into their lives, and I help elderly and sick pets to pass away in a peaceful and pain free way. 

A stray kitten that was turned into our clinic
I love what I do, because I do it alongside animals. There is nothing sweeter than a cat or dog that is so thankful when we help them to feel better. I am grateful that I have the education and training that I do to be able to work in this field. 

A duckling with a broken wing that came into the clinic
My favourite animals are probably cats. And special mentions goes to foxes, sloths, frogs, deer, raccoons (don't tell my husband-he hates them), mice, lions and tigers, bears, bison, wolves, birds, whales, dinosaurs, fish, zebras, and platypuses. Really, the list goes on and on. If something has an animal on it, I am instantly drawn to it. When I see fabric featuring animals, I typically want it. 

A sampling of some of my animal fabric
When my husband and I got married, our wedding theme was lovebirds. I made a bride and groom pair of birds for the top of our cake. 
Bride and groom birds
My favourite Christmas decoration is adding a Santa hat to our crocodile head. 
Merry Christmas!
And of course, I have pets of my own. 
Annyong and Bronson.... if only they could figure out how to play together!
Do you have a favourite animal? 

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