Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Feelin good on a Wednesday: Charley Harper love!

I recently signed up for a Charley Harper themed Instagram swap hosted by Sewn Studio. This has given me lots of opportunities to engage with Charley Harper's art, and hone in on what I love about his work.
A few of my favourite pieces
I put together a few inspiration boards for my partner. 
Happiness is the longing for repetition. - Milan Kundera
Obviously, I love that his work is all about animals and nature. I adore biology, and the world around me. I also love that he has really embraced the beauty in repetition. And that use of repetition highlights the beauty in the anomaly. In nature, no two animals are identical, but within a species they are certainly similar. Charley Harper makes us see what we already know, and shows us the beauty at the heart of it. 

I love Charley Harper's self described minimal realism style. His geometric shapes and bold colours lend themselves well to recreating his art in quilt form. 
Some amazing projects!
And that his art has been shared with the world as fabric is a true gift to us all! (At least, those of us who sew!) In my reading about Charley Harper, I found this quote of his about painting.  I think it is true about all crafts, and is certainly true for quilting.  

I will share what I have put together for my partner soon. It has been a joy interacting with Charley Harper's work, and this swap has just reinforced for me that his art is something I will never tire of. To learn more about Charley Harper and his art, head over to The Charley Harper Art Studio, or visit my Pinterest page to see more of my favourites.

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