Saturday, 21 March 2015

Welcome to the world Baby Lina!

My BFF had a baby this week, an adorable little cutie named Lina May! Of course, I have a knitted blanket ready to present to the new little princess. 

I decided on go with a star shaped blankie, because I thought it would be interesting, and I hadn't done anything like it before. This is a crochet pattern, and it was really quite easy once I got the centre star figured out. After that, it just radiates out, getting bigger and bigger with each round. 

I chose a rainbow of bright colours, because my friend likes bright colours. In retrospect, I would probably leave out the grey if I did it again. At this point though, I'm already committed! 

To get ready for Lina's arrival, her mom and I made some slip covers to refashion an old glider rocking chair that was given to her. This is the before picture:

And this is the after:

Wow! What a difference! Proof yet again, that you can DIY anything with the right internet tutorial. 

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