Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The Alphabetical Laura: Books

Books. God I love them! I love the look of them, I love the feel of them, I love reading them. I love old books and new books, picture books and chapter books, thick books and thin books, fiction books and biographies.
My basement bookshelves
I participate in a bookclub that has been meeting for almost ten years. We take turns choosing books and hosting a monthly meeting to discuss the book and eat snacks (sometimes related to the book, if possible!). At the end, we each rate the book on a scale of 1-6, to eliminate the fence-sitting nature of a 1-5 scale. 

I also challenge myself to read beyond the bookclub. My personal reads fill in the gaps between bookclub books, so I can typically read two books a month, one bookclub, one personal. My yearly reading goal is 24 books. Last year, I managed 33! (I was on medical leave for a few months, so that helped to boost the numbers.)

My main floor bookshelf with all my prettiest books

I know they always say to not judge a book by its cover. But I'm not going to lie, I definitely let cover art influence my attraction to a book. An eye catching cover draws you in, and a beautiful book on the outside has a lot of potential to be a beautiful book on the inside. 
My husband and I first started to bond over books. We met during mutual employment at a toy store, and we would talk about reading in the aisles while tidying up at the end of the night. He asked me for a reading recommendation, and I lent him Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughtershouse-Five. Nine years later, he gave me a first edition copy of the book on the morning of our wedding. To this day, one of our favourite date destination is wondering around the bookstore. 
One of my most treasured possessions
It has always been my dream to be an author. I just love books so much, that I want one of my very own! In the meantime, I will keep practicing my writing for the blog, and keep reading (you know, for research....!). 

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