Sunday, 13 July 2014

Knit your own cat

While honeymooning in Hawaii, I saw the book "Knit your own cat" by Sally Muir for sale at the bookstore we frequented throughout our holiday.  I didn't buy it; knitting your own feline menagerie seems like such a ridiculously crazy-cat-lady thing to do.  But it haunted my memory for months after returning home.  I was itching for a good reason to obtain the book.

A co-worker of mine had an ancient scottish fold cat named Scottie, who was diabetic, arthritic, and generally amazing.  When she became pregnant, I thought the perfect knitted gift for her baby would be a knitted Scottie!  I took to the internet and promptly ordered the book and set to work.  It was a super fun project trying to match the colouring of real Scottie to knitted Scottie.

Knitted Scottie

Knitted Scottie closeup
 I brought knitted Scottie with me to work at the animal hospital, and naturally we had to stage a photoshoot, as he looks so real!

Knitted Scottie in his kennel
Knitted Scottie getting his teeth cleaned
Chillin' with the clinic cat, Annie
When my coworker saw knitted Scottie, she loved him, and took him home to meet real Scottie.
"It's like looking in a mirror!"
Scottie and knitted Scottie
It's on my to-do list to make a knitted Annyong, but real talk, that probably won't happen until I have my own kids.  Also on my to-do list is buying and working my way through "Knit your own zoo."  That's just the cutest dang thing!

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