Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The start of my journey, and why I continue to knit

When I was 20 years old, I asked my grandmother to teach me how to knit so that I could make a toque for my husband (at the time, my boyfriend).  Her whole face lit up, you could tell she was very excited to share her craft with me.  She was a wonderful knitter, she made the most beautiful afghans, so intricate and varied in their patterns and design.  She was also very speedy; in the time it took me to knit a few belaboured practice rows, she had whipped up an entire toque, ready to give to Pete!

Grandma with one of her beautiful creations
My first projects were easy scarves and hats to give as gifts to friends.  When one of my friends announced she was pregnant, I was inspired to attempt a blanket for the first time, to give as a gift to the new baby.  However, I was struggling with the lacy pattern I chose as it had some new stitches I wasn't familiar with.  And as helpful as a how-to guide at the back of the pattern book can be, sometimes you just have to go straight to the source for help.  So I headed over to my grandma's place and she showed me where I was going wrong, then told me to sit and knit the 8 rows that made up the pattern to make sure I knew what I was doing and didn't run into anymore trouble.  I'm working away at my blanket and trying to make conversation with my mostly silent grandma and she says to me "You know Laura, you would be a better knitter if you didn't talk so much."  Words of wisdom, Grandma!

I have my grandma to thank for my love of knitting.  I continue to knit almost daily, and have slowly but surely increased my speed and my skill. I love selecting a new project, starting it, seeing it all come together, and finally finishing it.  Every time I make something new, I think "I wish I could show this to Grandma."  My grandma passed away a few years ago.  When she died, I made a promise to myself and to her, that all the kids in my family would get a blanket knit by me (and by extension, her), and in this way, I honour her and her memory can live on.  She was a great woman, and I strive to make her proud whenever I endeavour on a new project.
Grandma, working hard

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